Atom The Beginning

In Japan after a great calamity, there were two geniuses who dreamed of the future. One was Umatarō Tenma. The other was Hiroshi Ochanomizu. The two labored day and night in robot research — Tenma to create a "god," and Ochanomizu to create a "friend." Thus a robot, A106, was born from their collaborative friendship. (from manga)


Season 1.0

1. Birth of the Mighty Atom (2017-04-15)
2. Bewusstsein (2017-04-22)
6. Lab 7's Annihilation (2017-05-20)
7. Ran and Princess Teru (2017-06-03)
8. Robot Wrestling (2017-06-10)
9. Six Is Unfit to Fight (2017-06-17)
10. Battle Royale (2017-06-24)
11. A Dialogue (2017-07-01)
12. Beginning (2017-07-08)