American Titans

Rockefeller, Carnegie, Edison, Tesla, Hearst, and Pulitzer: their legacies live down through the ages, emblazoned on museums, universities, banks, charities, and the richest of American real estate. Ferocious drive, innovation and often sheer recklessness took these visionaries to the top of the rich-and-powerful list and ultimately made America the mightiest nation on earth. Despite their wealth and power, these titans of industry and captains of commerce were not always philanthropic, often driven by greed, ambition, jealousy and revenge. You can't build a fortune without making a few enemies. From Edison and Tesla's high-voltage war of the currents to Rockefeller and Scott's row over the growth of oil, American Titans relies on cinematic recreations and expert commentary to reveal what it took for the founding fathers of the Fortune 500 to steer the Industrial Revolution into the Gilded Age. During this era of incredible industrial potential, there were many on the road to absolute power – these are the stories of those who out-fought, out-spent, and out-smarted their rivals to reserve their chapter in the history books and make America what it is today.


Season 1.0

1. Carnegie vs. Frick (2015-08-04)
2. Rockefeller vs. Scott (2015-08-11)
3. Edison vs. Tesla (2015-08-18)
4. Vanderbilt vs. Drew (2015-08-25)
5. Hearst vs. Pulitzer (2015-09-01)
6. Daly vs. Clark (2015-09-08)