A.U.S.A. was an American sitcom television series that aired in 2003 on NBC, starring Scott Foley. Adam Sullivan (Scott Foley) is a naive, but well-intentioned federal prosecutor (an Assistant United States Attorney) in New York City, who must contend with the difficulties of both his work life and his romantic life. While being part of the Department of Justice, Sullivan finds both colleagues and opponents challenging his every move.


Season 1.0

1. Pilot (2003-02-04)
2. Rich Man, Poor Man (2003-02-11)
3. 12 Happy Grandmothers (2003-02-18)
4. Till Death Do Us Part (2003-02-25)
6. Waiter's First Lawsuit (2003-03-11)
8. The Kiss (2003-04-01)