A Minute with Stan Hooper

Hooper, a famous newspaper columnist turned television commentator, moves his family from their New York home to a small Wisconsin town, Waterford Falls , where he hopes to better get in touch with Middle America in an attempt to make his weekly minute-long television commentaries more appealing to a larger audience. While there, he interacts with the folksy, and largely strange, townspeople of Waterford Falls.


Season 1.0

1. Pilot (2003-10-29)
3. The Hustler (2003-11-12)
6. Fear Finds the Falls (2003-12-12)
7. Stan's Biggest Fan (2004-01-02)
8. Good Golly, Miss Molly (2004-01-14)
9. Snow Job (2004-01-21)
10. The Milkman (2004-02-04)
11. Dead Family Robinson (2004-02-11)
12. The Good Doctor (2004-02-18)
13. Stan's Best Friend (2004-02-25)